LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)
Good and Evil
Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2013-05-07 20:04:42
Holy Redeemer's and Dark Slayer's Guilds are now active!
Enjoy and report any issues.

Small Updates
Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2011-10-10 11:53:36
Turns to use for the Lost Ruins, Quarry and Lumberyard increased to 10! Have fun!

Selecting your Specialty.
Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2011-03-07 12:23:59
Be careful when selecting your specialty. Some specialties use donor or JCP's Lodge points. If the Specialty uses these points, it will say this at the selection screen.
Happy hunting!

Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2010-11-05 13:58:18
Visit Middle Earth's Finest Equipment for your equipment needs.

New Day Feature
Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2010-10-22 12:42:30
In case you guys didn't know the game has a saved day feature that is available to all. At the bottom of the left menu you will see a "New Day" link. This link allows you to bring up a new day for you based previous days you have saved. You can save up to 7 unplayed game days. Mail me with any questions. ~Quad

Jail time.
Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2010-10-20 11:15:24
Looks like a lot of you have low Alignment and are regularly going to Jail. I am going to set the low limit to 0 so if you are at or below 0 you may go to jail. If you plan to be evil consider this and take appropriate actions to make sure you can get out of jail.. Rivendell has a shop that can help you with that.

Bestiary and Mercenaries
Dark Summoner Quadrifrons2010-10-20 11:13:37
Mercenary camp and bestiary have been fixed. Thank you Torment!

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